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CIAS is a certified industrial rope access company employing trained top-tier technicians. Past experience includes: new construction, structure repair, restoration, coatings, live operating plants where conventional access is costly or impracticable. 

Working Together

We deliver an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, competitive pricing and on-site organization. High quality service is prioritized on every job no matter the scope or size. Occupied and fully operational job sites are standard work locations. 

Why Choose Us?

100% locally owned and operated in Victoria BC. With over 30 years combined owner experience, CIAS, Canadian industrial rope access in Victoria assures professional execution, a transparent client interface with punctual work delivery. We hold our company to higher standard and execute accordingly.

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Canadian Industrial Access Solutions

PO Box 8197 Victoria Main, Victoria BC, V8W3R8, Canada.

+1 778 689 4908